• The home of wine
    With an 8,000-year history of winemaking,
    Georgia is the original land of wine. Meaning
    'land of farmers' in Greek, Georgia is a
    fertile valley between the Caucasus,
    with unique grape varieties
    and especially, the real way of making wine.
  • Unique varietals
    While there are around 5,000 grape varietals
    in the world, only about 20 make up most of
    the world's production, with about 60 others
    in minor production. With over 500 varietals
    found nowhere else, Georgian wines are truly
    special, giving aromas and flavours that
    surprise even sophisticated wine connoisseurs.
  • Kvevri - the world's original
    Traditionally, Georgian wine is made in large
    clay jars that are buried underground. The wine
    ferments and matures at a natural earth temperature
    of around 15 degrees C, and the clay allows for
    micro-oxygenation to occur. This means the wines
    become high in polyphenols, giving health benefits
    as well as an enhanced mouthfeel, excellent
    structure and superior finish.
  • European-style wines
    Georgia is one of the top-ten producers by
    volume. European-style wines (as opposed to
    kvevri wines) are also made with the unique
    Georgian varities, using the most modern
    equipment and techniques. These wines will
    delight you, and at a very reasonable cost,
    especially when compared to other European

Wine as it is meant to be

When vineyards are irrigated, vines do not have send their roots deep looking for water. Therefore, mineral expression from the soil is reduced in the wine. Shallow roots lead to a weaker vine, and easy access to water means a larger grape berry. This leads to thin skins, so loss of flavour from phenols and tannins, tighter bunching, and susceptibility to insect attack and fungal growth. Our wines come from vineyards where the grapes are grown naturally and without any chemicals such as artificial fertilisers, pesticides or fungicides.

Wines from Georgia

Below is our full list of tradtional Georgian kvevri (clay jar) wines as well as carefully selected European-style Georgian wines. Both styles are made from unique Georgian grape varietals by winemakers of the highest quality and experience.

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